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The Malo Magic Drawing Board is for playful drawings and paintings whatever age class.
Even the smallest can scribble perhaps with a wooden spoon to make first experiences with colours and form while not get dirty.

The operation with the  Malo Magic Drawing Board:
- paint numerous of drawings
- design colourful and unique colour effects exclusive of pens and colours
- over and over amazing drawings, Fantasy, Forms and Letters
  or conjure numbers - everything without fiddle about getting dirty
- cleanup your drawings easily with only a few strokes
- allow free play to your fantasy and creativity

Design something new with your  Malo Magic Drawing Board:
When you scratch over the black painting area with the red scraper or your fingernails (press strongly) you will discover lot of effectual colours
Paint, Write or Scribble with all objects which do not have peak edges. This is very important for not damaging the lamination sheet!

Prepare the Malo Magic Drawing Board before you start:
Rub the black painting area with a modicum of oil (Baby- or Cookingoil). By the use of the red scraper the lamination will get smooth and elastic.

Erase the  Malo Magic Drawing Board:
To erase your drawings, scatter the black mass in the lamination by using the thin, flat sight of the red scraper. Scatter it all-over sight to sight and edge to edge until everything is covered with the black mass. Use the scraper by holding it plain and light stress and lead it alternate length and cross over the table. Ready!

Special Details:

Malo Magic Drawing Board is armed with a special and very robust surface which is very durable.
Please do not use harsh objects when you draw with the 
Malo Magic Drawing Board.
If the lamination sheed should be regardless damaged, you can repair the area. Clean up the arrea (the black mass is safe and non-toxic!) and pull on a transparrent glue tape strip and press. For a long evity of your 
Malo Magic Drawing Board rub it with oil from time to time.

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