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Zauberstifte - wei├če Ersatzstifte 4er Pack::

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Carioca 20 Magic Pens- Box includes two types of Magic Pens:
Colour Change Pens / MAGIC PENS:

The Colour of the Pens change magical. This happens from Penshell to cap once you paint over the Colour with your MAGIC PEN.
You can also write down a secret message with the white MAGIC PEN. When you get over the written text with the Colour-Change-Pen you will see the text.

Colour-Erase-Pens / COLOUR PENS:

These you can erase with the white  MAGIC PEN . First paint a background with one of the Colour-Erase-Pens. Then use the white MAGIC PEN , to erase a picture from your background.

Combine MAGIC PENS and COLOUR PENS and create amazing 3D-Effects!
To create 3D-Effects, combine the MAGIC PENS and the COLOUR PENS.
You will be excited what is possible with this MAGIC PENS! Welcome to the world of MAGIC!

The Lifespan of our MAGIC PENS is 6 times higher than ordinary Pens.
They are non-toxic and free of dissolver. The caps are secure ventilated. The patented Secure-Top doesn´t press into the Pen.

    • non-toxic
    • free of dissolver
    • eco-friendly
    • ventilated Secure-Caps


10 x Magic Pens (Farbwechselstifte)  
2  x weisse Zauberstifte

Not suitable for children under the age of 36 month

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